“Running for Those Who Can’t” – Let WFL Target Runs Begin!

Hello everyone,

We as the crew RUNDAMENTAL are planning to run on a very special race, Wings for Life World Run  this year. As we never skipped the race since 2014, this year we plan to train, run and sweat together for the race and for sure run for those who can’t!

Before moving to the details of the program we would like to highlight a few things regarding our target runs:

  • There is Catcher Car instead of Finish Line. Runners and wheelchair competitors, from beginners to elite athletes, race side by side to stay ahead of the Catcher Car, chasing them from behind.
  • The race starts in 34 locations Worldwide at the same time and in Turkey we run in İzmir at 2pm.
  • Wings for Life has a single mission: to find a cure for spinal cord injury. Everyone in the Wings for Life World Run is running for those who can’t.

As RUNDAMENTAL, most of the runners from the crew run in İzmir this year, so we decided to train together with all the runners who would like to join us on this journey. We planned 8-week program including time-tageted running sessions to enhance your training program. The aim will be to race with yourself and time during the sessions and Cross the Line Together!

It is neccessary to have run the session target time beforehand is the only precondition for runners.

You can also find your element to determine your tempo.

Fire (Red) : 4’30” – 5’00”
Air (Yellow) : 5’00” – 5’30”
Water (Blue) : 5’30 – 6’00”
Earth (Green) : 6’00 – 6’30”

You can improve your tempo within 8 weeks by simply joining to the WFL sessions that will be announced at the beginning of each week.

​If you want to run with RUNDAMENTAL team on May 8 in Izmir, please download Selfie App to your smartphone first and join the team RUNDAMENTAL among teams.

 iOS and Android versions of the application are available and free.

Then feel free to join our running sessions every week. Just an exciting reminder that we have quiet nice surprises for the runners who reach their target during the session and share a photo with #RDMwflWR #CrossTheLine hashtags.

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ps. Please follow the steps below to join our team via WFL Selfie App.



Thank you,