Who We Are?

"We believe good people run together."

As collective of running fellows, we started to run together in the heart of İstanbul in 2014 and then called the crew as RUNDAMENTAL by 2015. We are not only a running crew but good friends who has become a big family while sharing the passion about running. As a crew,we inspire and motivate each other to understand and push the limits.

"We are not only running."

We are a group of visionary & creative folks who love to chat, hang out, train and travel together.

"Ideas come up while running."

Our aim is to become a community to create new projects yet we call as ‘adventures’ for promoting the lifestyle of running and supporting young athletes.

Rules for a #rundamentalist

We don’t like rules very much but safety matters:
  • Contact us before you attend.
  • We ask new friends to be able to run for at least 30 mins non stop before joining us. If you don’t have it yet but you are still passionate about running just contact us. We will be nice to help.
  • We have different pace groups and there will be one for you to fit in.
  • Come as dressed up and please bring extra clothes with you.
  • We usually run on evenings on weekdays and you will get informed about the route and timing via email.
  • Don’t worry about others who run faster. Take the advantage of that you will always have someone to follow.
  • Leave your ego at home.

Upcoming Sessions


20 April, Saturday


22 April, Monday




You can fill the form. We will contact you as soon possible if we are not running :)